Birthday Party Photography Tips

Our children have been invited to quite a few birthday parties this month. In addition, we celebrated our daughter’s third birthday.  As moms, we put a lot of work into creating these special days for our children. It’s important to document the day through photographs! Let’s talk about a few things to remember when it comes time to capturing your special moments. Here are four quick and easy birthday party photography tips.

How to Photography Birthday Party

Birthday Party Photography Tips

My little girl is all about sparkles, unicorns, and playing dress up. I pulled up a few ideas on Pinterest, and let her choose this pastel unicorn theme for her big day. Three of her friends joined us to keep things easy. We played with homemade play dough, ate snacks and hot chocolate, and painted nails. I wanted to enjoy the day in addition to taking pictures and tried to follow these guidelines.

Tip 1: Let in the Light

As your setting up the party, open the blinds and turn on all the lights. More light will give your photos that bright and airy feel.

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As a side note, I ordered the balloons and some paper goods from Tom Kat Studio. Great prices and fast shipping!

Tip 2: Don’t Forget the Details

You have probably put a good amount of thought and effort into the little details of the party. Don’t forget to capture them! Taking close up photos of the different decor items you created will help tell the story of your day. A few minutes before guests arrive, walk around and take some close up images of your favorite parts of the party. Don’t forget to take a few photos of the birthday child too!

Photography Tips for Parents

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Tip 3: Move and Snap

“Move and snap” goes through my head often when working with smaller children – even during my client sessions. I always think of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde…LOL! During the party, don’t be afraid to change your position instead of trying to move the kids. Walk around to get different angles, taking pictures as you move. Move your body. Then, snap the photo. This will allow you to capture a variety of images from the same activity without seeming redundant. Get close to your subject, move back, then go to the side. I only took photos at three different times during our party. This allowed me to enjoy the moments AND get a variety of images that captured our day.

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Duxbury Family Photographer

Tip 4: Give Yourself Credit

You’ve worked hard to make this day amazing. Not to mention that you deserve some applause for creating such a wonderful tiny human! At the end of every party after we say goodbye to our guests, I make sure to jump in a few pictures with my child. Make sure you get a few with your sweet baby too!

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Hope you find these tips to be helpful! Feel free to tag me on Instagram (@reneethephotog) if you’d like to share some images from your special day.

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